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He goes on to say that some of us are eyes, some are hands, and so on—various parts of the body, just as God determines. If you do these things with love, motivated by love, it changes everything. Does any of that sound right to you? If you play that game, you lose. And we receive it by faith. The outer ring of our identity is defined by what we are: a hand, a foot, salt, light, a branch on the vine. I love you.

The Love Chapter

Who we are is about our relationship with the Father—and first of all about his love for us, not our love for him. Pinch me. Scars in less visible places that bring me shame or sadness. Where was that scar? When was I injured? In elementary school, the popular kids were the ones with amenities-and in my private school education, I went to school with plenty of kids with ay more amenities than my middle-class upbringing would allow.

Bible Summary and Study on Love: 1 Corinthians 13

Kristi had a circular driveway where they do that?! And I, the slightly awkward black girl who was actually a very awkward black girl was invited. It was time to be with the cool kids-which meant, above all else, it was time to fit in.

This, after all, is what every child is fundamentally concerned with-do people like me? Am I a part of the group? There were comments that my swimsuit choice was cute. That was a good start. But then my mom gave me my swim cap. After all, the braids that had been meticulously plaited to crown my head were not meant to last just for that Sunday, but for the entire week- a proverb by which little Black girls everywhere lived with nearly religious devotion.

Packnett plays no games. I had no choice. And the laughs I got when I finally got into the pool were enough to send me into hiding until 6th grade graduation. It was the first of many times that my hair would be a source of everything from curiosity to ridicule. Until then, I liked my hair.


Until then, I liked everything about myself, awkwardness aside. I had been raised to love myself in a nurturing household and large, warm extended family of Aunties and Uncles and cousins who looked just like me and ate what I ate and laughed like I laughed and were the norm. My parents, in their infinite wisdom, knew this was not the way of the world.

Oprah is my Auntie in my head. You choose. My parents gave me every confidence that I could be anything, do anything, go anywhere, and that I was, at the most cellular level, wonderfully human.


Until that pool party, I experienced the comfort of normalcy that, later in life, is only reserved for the privileged. The men. The white folks. The cis folks.

leondumoulin.nl/language/literature/tainted-obsessions.php The Christian folks. The able-bodied folks. The greatest privilege in life is to possess the default identity. Education is designed for you. Makeup is made for you.

From the Life of Lorenzo Snow

You never have to wonder why no one else is wearing a swim cap. You never have to question if the kind of different you are will bring punishment-ridicule and laughter-or reward. You may think this is nothing more than an overwrought, unnecessarily dramatic childhood memory. But think of every moment you ever discovered you were an other. It leaves a scar.

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Perhaps just a small one-at first. But each time it happens thereafter, the mark gets bigger. Each other moment re-opens a wound, pouring in salt that stings to the high heavens. On top of it, as a child, you lack the language or understanding to know why it hurts or how to tell someone that you are hurt.

Understanding the Love Chapter Understanding the Love Chapter
Understanding the Love Chapter Understanding the Love Chapter
Understanding the Love Chapter Understanding the Love Chapter
Understanding the Love Chapter Understanding the Love Chapter
Understanding the Love Chapter Understanding the Love Chapter

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