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Where the great could flourish Was now no more than a decrepit dog-eat dog-world where violent mutated thugs roamed the hallways, and small yellowed eyed ghouls that looted and guzzled down the blood from the corpses they came across walked hand in hand with their soulless golem partners. And what caused it all to happen? Betrayal and oppression by the people's leaders, riots and revolution by the lower class stirred up by self appointed liberators. Or was it because everyone just craved and desired what everyone else in Rapture needed; Adam. The stuff that makes you better than you are; you can be faster, stronger and smarter.

And with gene altering serums called Plasmids you'd have the power of the gods literally in your hands. Everyone wanted it, everyone needed it. Those who used it became known as Splicers; simply because they spliced their genes with it.

And they spliced and they spliced till finally it wasn't just their minds that had changed for the worse. They roamed the hallways these Splicers, attacking and killing anyone or anything that crossed their paths, even each other. Whether it be for any valuables they had, any small once of Adam they carried with them; or simply because Splicers were just violently insane. All order and law had crumbled as the city slowly did while the conflict between the city dictator and the people's liberator still waged on.

The only rules that applied here now were 'survival of the fittest' or 'might makes right'. Those who did have the 'might' and the right amount of Adam in them turned whatever area of the city they occupied in to their own personal territory with them as top dog. Those who still kept their heads however barricaded themselves in whatever part of the city they controlled.

However, it was wise to still keep your guard up in their presence. Yet the Splicers were not the only dangers in Rapture, there were the security bots and security turrets that targeted anyone who was where they shouldn't be. And then there were the Big Daddies. Huge, mean, deadly And yet Splicers did, they risked life and death in a fight to the death with these mean sons of bitches all for one reason Yet recently something new had been added to this psychotic play, something new had joined the cast of maniacs and killer tin men.

Survivors - FULL Apocalytpic Movie Novel!! (an illustrated audiobook)

A new player was in town, rumours spread around the city through the citizens; sane or insane that something new stalked the hallways from the shadows, something new that literally cut down anything in its path; Splicers or Big Daddies. Nobody knew exactly what it was;a a Splicer posing as a Big Daddy since it possessed the use of Plasmids? Or some new Big Daddy model with that ability that Andrew Ryan had set loose out on to the city to extinguish the ever continuing violence and conflict, and finally bring order to Rapture.

No one knew, not even Ryan it was revealed. No one who had even seen it or had gotten a good enough look to tell what it was. One second it would be standing in the light, the next it would vanish into the darkness and out of sight. Other sightings had been made by seeing it through a window standing on the ocean floor or on top of a building. Little Tommy Beedle, one of the few children still living in Rapture and still with his parents, looked through his bedroom window one day, gazed upon the city and saw it standing on the ledge of a building next to his.

It looked at him for a moment and waved its hand at him, and then leapt off the ledge and through some type of propulsion on its back flew through the water and through the city, just like a certain superhero in a popular comic book outlawed in Rapture; but was it a superhero?

The Upheaval (The Survivor Chronicles, #1) by Erica Stevens

All that was known was get to close and it would cut you to shreds or blow you to pieces. Always it was Splicers, who crossed paths with it and asked for trouble all because they were deluded with the idea that it was loaded with Adam. Even the Big Daddies themselves were not safe from its methods of killing, dealt in a similar way, an exact result of its handy work. Why it was targeting the Big Daddies though made people assume the most obvious reason; it simply wanted Adam from the ones they protected. Though how it dealt with them too was a mystery as no one ever witnessed what it did.

The Leftovers

Nor did they find any remains of the girls. At first when it all started most people assumed that it was nothing more than an urban rumour someone had cooked up and that the attacks were simply just Splicer related. That it was nothing more than a false boogieman that superstitious fools had dreamt up in their paranoia, yet its reputation and sightings soon brought doubt to those who dismissed it as nonsense. But it wasn't until it had left one of its victims alive and in one piece say for its left hand was its name finally realised as the survivor lived long enough to write something in his own blood.

One line that finally revealed the name if Raptures new player My ass, nothing but bullshit if you ask me," muttered the Thuggish Splicer as he swung the metal pipe he carried through the air, his colleague who walked beside him thought otherwise. Jake the Shrimp wasn't called the Shrimp for nothing you dick," Abe snorted back "The runt had yet popped his cherry, not to mention couldn't handle his first taste of Adam. Probably just ran in to a Spider Splicer with very sharp hooks.

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And that's how it The Splicer didn't get a chance to finish his sentence as Abe grabbed him and forced his back up against the wall with his metal pipe just inches from his forehead "Now look And if you don't put a lid on it now I'm gonna cut 'you' in half and prove how much bullshit this crap is.

Sure Abe," Wallace's right visible eye widened with panic, there was no way to tell if his left eye behind the bandages on his head had. That's if he still had his left eye as splicing left you with a mug not even your mother could love; hell you'd be lucky if you were left with half your original mug or even a nose or lips. There's got to be some Adam around here," Abe released his grip and wondered off down the hallway; Wallace straitened his collar and followed.

The rooms and hallways in Rapture were all the same, dim lighting because no one bothered now to replace the burnt out bulbs anymore, Blood smeared or spilt from some unpleasant skirmish stained the walls and floor, not to mention the build up of grime and muck as nobody felt it was their job to simply mop the scrub the joint once in a while. There was the unmistakable stench wafting through the air as corpses left to rot on the streets or where ever they fell, lay strewn all over the city, there was also the chance of a dead cat lying in some corner; proof that even with nine lives your chances of survival were low.

Water leaked from pipes or from the ocean itself as it seeped in through the windows that suffered bad neglect or lack of maintenance due to collapse of social order. On the floor along the hallway where the two walked lay the body of a woman flat on her back and partially nude; evidence that she had been the victim of a fatal rape attack. Mean I don I said I foun The two continued walking further on until a turn on the left led them in to a large dark hall with a large window casting a perfect view of the city outside. Light illuminated the water from outside shone through the glass, giving the hall its only source of dim lighting.

From what the two could see this room was mainly used for social gathering as a number of chairs and tables lay cluttered along the floor with various bottles of wine and alcohol either smashed or still in one piece. At the far left corner of the hall next to the window at the top appeared to be a balcony with no stairway and only a door leading in from the next room as means of entry, the banister around it was partially damaged.

Series: In Death

Various vending machines could be made out in the dark shadows; broken ones though. So many attempts at hacking had left the damn things in such bad shape. None of that mattered to the two, the thing that caught their attention though were the three Splicers lying dead in the dim light coming in through the window in a large pool of their own blood.

I don't know Abe its..

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The means of which the three splicers had been killed was unlike anything the two had seen before. There were no bullet holes or bruises from being beaten or bludgeoned. There were no burns or insect stings from plasmid use. Nor were their injuries Big Daddy related or even signs that these had been done with the use of large hooks.

What caused their injuries were decapitation and slash marks done by the means of a sharp blade.

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One Splicer lay with his head severed, another had had his chest sliced open, while the last; a woman had her skull split all the way down to her neck; her skirt was missing yet her underwear had not been removed or tampered with. Astoundingly all three were armed with machine guns, yet someone armed with only a blade had made short work of them.

Wallace however came to only one conclusion. In a near rage Abe grabbed Wallace by the neck and raised the pipe ready for an imminent blow "I've told you before Wallace, mention that crap again and I'll cut you up like this dead bitch here!

He felt the corpses and each one was still warm, and the blood that was on the floor was still wet "This happened not too long ago, who or what ever did this can't be too far away. Abe though in pain could take a few blows himself "You want a piece of me you fucking puff!

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Wallace however countered by lounging at Abe and the two fell to the floor in a scuffle as they wrestled and beat one another to near death. But as in all matches the sound of the bell brought their little fight to the death to a halt. Or mainly the sound of heavy foot-steps accompanied by a deep familiar grown, followed by the sound of a child's singing in the distance.

Yeah," Wallace so bluntly responded, he himself now calm although nervous of what they were about to do next. There is no fucking Big Brother! As the two men walked through the door and disappeared down the hallway towards the sound, both failed to notice on the balcony above them, standing in the pitch blackness and observing the two go at it like animals a figure that had kept silent while watching the whole time. Nobody with any good eye sight could have possibly noticed it as it used both the shadow of darkness and possibly a stealth-like tonic to remain hidden in plain sight.

It did nothing except drop a woman's skirt drenched in blood by its side, made no sound except sheave the blade it had been cleaning and finally movie from its spot and disappear from the hall as it followed the two men. The little Sister skipped bare foot through the empty dark hallways of Rapture, happily singing her little song without a care in the world.

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  • Rapture (Survivor Chronicles, #1) by Mike Sutton;

She was eight years old who like all the others had eyes that gave off an eerie yellow glow making it impossible to tell her eye colour, her voice had a creepy ringing tone to it while she sung her song.

Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1) Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1)
Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1) Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1)
Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1) Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1)
Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1) Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1)
Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1) Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1)
Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1) Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1)
Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1) Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1)
Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1) Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1)
Rapture (Survivor Chronicles Book 1)

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