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Forums and Blogs Quality Committee. Comments Filed. The source citations are at the very end. In , one incident was reported every 1, flights, while a year earlier one incidents was reported per 1, flights.

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In addition to becoming more frequent, incidents are also becoming more serious. However, when a drunk passenger falls onto cockpit door, this could also be classified as level 4 incident. Royboy: What? Alcohol involved in the incidents? According to Meyer IATA , another six incidents and deaths happened in the second part of the year, putting the death toll at around in Nevertheless, it is still a huge safety improvement when compared with 10 years ago. reviews: Pro Se Presents March

Despite the fact that accident rate in these two regions are falling the most, they still remain well above world average. Furthermore, school capacity is no hurdle. Only one half of the seats in technical schools are now taken, so an additional 17, students can be readily accommodated. One problem has been that a substantial portion of aviation technician school graduates has been seeking non-aviation jobs. The FAA now counts , certificated mechanics, of which females make up 2.

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Embraer presents preliminary forecast for and 5 For , Embraer expects to deliver between 85 and 95 commercial jets, 90 to executive jets, including light and large jets, 10 A Super Tucano aircraft and two multi-mission KC aircraft. Healthy growth and record passenger loads boosted airlines in 7 Global passenger traffic growth in rose by an above-average 6. International passenger traffic in climbed 6.

Capacity rose 5.

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Middle East carriers 4. Traffic actually declined 0. Traffic at Latin American airlines rose 6. Global domestic air travel climbed 7 percent in with all markets showing annual growth, led by double-digit increases in India and China. The load factor increasing marginally to 83 percent.

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Embraer Deliveries 8 Embraer has delivered a total of jets in , of which 90 were commercial aircraft and 91 were executive jets 64 light and 27 large. Honeywell Forecasts 4, New Civil Helicopter Deliveries Over Next Five Years 10 Honeywell forecasts 4, new civilian-use helicopters will be delivered from to , marginally lower than the 4, cited in the five-year forecast from Purchase plans are stronger from law enforcement and oil and gas operators in this year's survey, but significantly lower from corporate operators.

The proportion is lower for light twin-engine. The proportion of light single-engine and heavy twin-engine planned purchases are about the same as last year.

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When choosing make and model for a new aircraft, the top three factors operators consider are brand experience, aircraft performance and cabin size. Police Use of Drones 11 A new report by the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College found that state and local first-responder agencies have bought drones in recent years, two-thirds of them law enforcement.

Agencies in counties in every state except Rhode Island now have drones, and many have multiple agencies with the technology. Primarily, they are being used to find people who need help in locations traditionally difficult for humans to navigate with conventional vehicles. The Bard study found most agencies with drones did not previously have aerial capability, and 80 percent of those that do now also fly a manned aircraft. Airbus and Boeing Supplier numbers 12 Boeing takes in more than a billion parts a year from its supply chain.

Airbus counts 12, suppliers from more than countries. Chiwan is also one of the founding partners of Writ Large Press, an indie publisher that uses the book to resist, disrupt, and transgress. Her first book of poems will be published by Noemi Press in She is the winner of the Joanna Cargill prize , and her manuscript was a finalist for the First Book Prize Additionally, he writes a series of syndicated articles in the Korean literary magazine Munjang.

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He is the author of two poetry chapbooks, an editor at Spork Press, and is currently getting his PhD in comparative literature at Seoul National University. A former U. Share this page:.

Pro Se Presents: March 2013 Pro Se Presents: March 2013
Pro Se Presents: March 2013 Pro Se Presents: March 2013
Pro Se Presents: March 2013 Pro Se Presents: March 2013
Pro Se Presents: March 2013 Pro Se Presents: March 2013
Pro Se Presents: March 2013 Pro Se Presents: March 2013
Pro Se Presents: March 2013 Pro Se Presents: March 2013
Pro Se Presents: March 2013 Pro Se Presents: March 2013
Pro Se Presents: March 2013 Pro Se Presents: March 2013

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