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Charlotte was a keen horse rider and planned to become a teacher. He drove recklessly — going 70 mph in a 30 mph zone — to scare them. O n one occasion, when Luke was a toddler, Lance almost killed him — something he didn't find out until after the funeral. Meanwhile, he spent thousands of pounds on building an extension to make the family appear wealthy.

W hen they went to university Luke to Warwick and Ryan to Durham, both to study engineering the brothers returned home every weekend to check on their Mum and sister. When he was promoted at work, his fee went up. Withholding his reaction at the time, Lance would mete out cruel punishments later. They felt powerless. We hoped he would die when he got skin cancer then prostate cancer.

They now know that, on average, two women in England and Wales are killed each week at the hands of a partner or ex. Lance, who had paella and a glass of red wine as his last meal, had started researching men who kill their wives weeks before Claire had walked out. He had left a page suicide note next to a to-do list.

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The articles about our father praised him, said he was a good man. T wo years after their ordeal, Luke and Ryan have tried to move on with their lives and talk animatedly about having found some meaning amid the pain. Sharing their experience has helped saved lives , they say. Their story encouraged one woman to leave her husband who, police later discovered, had been plotting to kill her. R yan, who spends every other month on an oil rig in Qatar as an engineer, has learnt to play the piano as an emotional release.

O peration Lighthouse is available now on Amazon. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Sounds like you have a wonderful family. Can't wait to see The Fangslinger and the Preacher out there.

Thanks Becca for all you do. I do agree with you that I am nowhere near mainstream. Nice to meet you, Bret.

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Enjoyed your post. Caught sight of it on Facebook and I forward the info, too. I love the paranormal and westerns.

I can't wait to read The Fangslinger and the Preacher!! Nice to meet you, Karen. Thanks for the forward. Six shooters,Bows and arrows,Swords and shotguns, what more could one ask for?

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I'm so glad to meet you, Bret Hart. You are a master, I think. When I took early retirement in because I was very sick, I spent a lot of time reading--which you can't do while teaching high school students in a military boarding school, raising two kids, and keeping a marriage going.

But I read so many Westerns--maybe some of yours--until I switched to something else--Science fiction. Do you know much Science fiction of like old Westerns? Then on to women's fiction, and finally Where I belong. Thank you Celia, everyone at Trail Blazers has been very nice and I wish all of us great success. Bret, I tried to leave a comment and failed.

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So I'll just say I read your post with interest and wish you success with your books. Linda, a fellow part-time Floridian. Hey, as a young man I lived in Tampa for a few years! Air Force.

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I stopped reading Westerns many years ago for some reason, but now I'm going to get your book to restart.

Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27) Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27)
Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27) Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27)
Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27) Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27)
Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27) Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27)
Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27) Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27)
Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27) Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27)
Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27) Lee Hart (Our Family Series Book 27)

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