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I always remember the people who have been particularly nice to me in the industry thank you, Amber!! I always ask myself if the end result will simplify or complicate life and if complicating it- is it worth it?

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I love plaster details and primitive, raw-feeling elements often found in photos ancient, abandoned places. How on earth do you do it all? The product lines will be available with an online retailer who we are working on an art collection with. Check it out! She has accomplished so much — congrats to her.

50 Years of Ralph Lauren: The Most Iconic Moments | Glamour

I am confused…did I miss a book? Id love to know! Reply Happy Spring! Photographed by Helen Norman and Greg Powers.

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A conversation with Lauren Liess…. What words of wisdom would you give to someone just getting started in design? Where do you find your inspiration?


Further Reading. Even nature, it seemed, had decided to pay homage to Ralph Lauren and his 50 years of fashion on Friday night.

And the celebration turned Central Park — and more specifically Bethesda Terrace, the graceful arched circular promenade at the heart of the park — into a space that seems increasingly elusive in the current public discourse: a cynicism-free zone. A candlelit argument for the restoring balm of, as Ms.

It is, after all, the core belief of Mr. For half a century, amid an industry that places a premium on cool and edge, he has held fast to a different ideal. Lauren since when they met in Telluride and who was attending his first show wearing Ralph Lauren, like many of the guests.

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Such was the night itself, layered in Mr. It began on the verdant edge of 72nd Street and the park, one block up from the limestone mansion Mr. Lauren built across from the Rhinelander Mansion he already owned — retail in the guise of empire. Old-fashioned street trolleys with wooden slatted seats ferried guests into the core of the park, where 17 looming LED screens played a video loop of collections past, and waiters in custom-made Ralph Lauren looks passed cocktail franks and mini pastrami sandwiches and crab cakes with the Champagne.

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Below, the arcade under the overpass had been divided into a runway and covered with overlapping magic carpets, Persian and otherwise, and once the or so guests had finally been ferried to their seats below the Minton tiled ceiling — once Anne Hathaway had stopped schmoozing with Tom Hiddleston, and everyone had congratulated Thom Browne on selling his company to Ermenegildo Zegna — models began to descend the sweeping staircase in pairs.

There were men and women, old and young, outfitted in Mr.

Interior Design and Architecture is the one art that has an immediate influence on our lives. It moves our hearts and minds. Designs that enhance our living environments are essential.

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Solutions do not miraculously appear, but evolve over time through collaboration and vision. At Lauren James Studio, we create innovation and purposeful interior environments that are unique to the missions and dreams of each of our clients. Our services are tailored to our clients needs, goals, and budgets. It fosters a shared trust that sparks passion and innovation.

Laurens Designs Laurens Designs
Laurens Designs Laurens Designs
Laurens Designs Laurens Designs
Laurens Designs Laurens Designs
Laurens Designs Laurens Designs
Laurens Designs Laurens Designs
Laurens Designs Laurens Designs
Laurens Designs Laurens Designs
Laurens Designs

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