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Suburban educators Helen and Nate think they're living the dream when they purchase 44 acres in the country, on which they plan to build the house they've always wanted.

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As Helen begins to gather the materials necessary to build their home, she finds herself becoming increasingly interested in the suspicious deaths that have occurred on the property. Two years after her son died in her grandmother's home, Angela Toussaint returns to the Sacajawea, Washington residence, known as "the Good House," to find out whether an ancient evil lives on within its walls.

A young man set to inherit a supposedly haunted house journeys inside, accompanied by an occult researcher and his two assistants, to investigate whether or not his future property is actually the home of ghosts and ghouls. Although they expect to come into contact with the unknown, the four visitors never suspect that Hill House will attempt to hold one of them forever. After losing her mother, year-old Miranda Silver becomes the next target of a family curse in this literary haunted-house novel from Gingerbread author Helen Oyeyemi.

As her childhood eating disorder becomes more and more consuming, Miranda drifts away from her family, until she disappears entirely, leaving her father and brother alone in their family home. Recently widowed and heavily pregnant, Elsie travels to her husband's family estate, accompanied by his cousin, Sarah.

The 15 Best Haunted Houses Across America

Once there, the two women find themselves face-to-face with eerie, wooden cutouts, painted to look like living people — one of which bears a close resemblance to Elsie herself. Misao and her husband believe they've found a great deal, in the form of a spacious, low-rent apartment in a high-rise building. After moving in with their daughter and pets, however, the couple realize that living in a building surrounded by a graveyard may have its downsides In the midth century, a country doctor travels to a once-grand estate to treat a sick housemaid. The widowed owner and her children are pleasant enough, but Hundreds Hall is haunted by the ghosts of its past, and the doctor soon finds himself bound up in the fate of the estate.

Nearly 20 years after she escaped bondage, Sethe lives in a house haunted by the vengeful spirit of her daughter, whom she killed to save her from the horrors of slavery.

A quiet and unsuspecting neighborhood is upended in this novel from the late Anne Rivers Siddons. After construction on a new home shreds the peace and quiet of their little corner of the world, the something Kennedys discover that everyone who moves into the house changes for the worse.

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Calgary’s ‘Panamount Panic’ haunted house shut down by city after complaint

He had a haunted look about him. Anxious and worried.

A haunted place is one where ghosts often appear :. This room is said to be haunted.

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