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In short, I will want Dr. She will guide me to come to the end of life in a way that commends the gospel and brings glory to God. If she is not available, I will want to reread this book. We may have to make decisions related to our own care or, even tougher, the care of someone we love. It will inform, encourage, strengthen, and equip you to act in ways that honor our humanity while bringing glory to our God.

When death draws close, what medical treatments will we embrace or reject? Even Jesus-loving Christians struggle to know how to answer these questions, and we need a seasoned doctor to educate us on the options and their pros and cons. Butler educates the mind, answers the questions, and takes the imagination on an unforgettable ride, made vivid with the descriptive prose only a gifted writer and experienced trauma surgeon could offer us.

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This remarkable, Christ-centered book is loaded with reality checks and soul checks, and it will serve Christians and pastors for many years to come as they make these final decisions out of faith and not fear. Butler has written a remarkable, unique, and timely book. Combining her medical expertise with biblical compassion and moral evaluation, she lucidly explains what we need to know about life-and-death medical situations.

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She does not offer vague advice, but grounds her counsel in medical facts, legal realities, spiritual principles, and real-life illustrations. Butler, a Christian intensive-care specialist, has woven together a clear explanation of detailed and complex medical issues with an intimate knowledge of Scripture to bring forth a book of immense value for patients, loved ones, and clergy as they face the seemingly insurmountable questions of ICU and end-of-life care.

It is well written, illustrated with real-life dilemmas, and oozing with compassion, both her own and that of our Savior.

The Joy of Living a Christ-Centered Life

How do we best love the sick and dying? How do we know when to pursue medical interventions and when to allow our loved ones to, as Dr. Many of us leave little room for Christ in our Christianity. By that, I mean that our ability to "keep the law" or our pride in historic tradition is what defines our faith, not the person of Jesus. Is your Christianity intimate and personal?

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Do you want to know Christ? Phil Do you want to be part of his work? Do you want to please him? Do you want to incarnate his character? A Christ-centered life is deeply intimate and motivated by relationship. A Christ-centered life has one ultimate goal: that Jesus gets the glory. It's not wrong to pursue personal goals, but the glory of Christ is the orienting compass that gives direction to all others.

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Because we want Christ to be known, honored, worshipped and obeyed, we submit every other attainable goal to him. Our decisions are no longer controlled by selfish desires, but by new desires we get from his love 2 Cor A Christ-centered life finally puts all our eggs in the basket of the Lord.

It certainly blessed me. And how do we keep people from quite naturally!

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This looks great! Very excited for this resource. Been giving Ordinary Hero to some people in our church. Helpful book. Gospel-Centred Life was in the late stages of production before we knew about it plus it is a follow up to Gospel-Centred Church which we wrote back in I think. We are hoping to create a little mini-series. Gospel-Centred Family is coming out in January A life of change God is making me more like Jesus for His glory and my good 4.

Look up to God I respond to the gospel with daily faith and repentance 6. Look back to the cross The cross is the foundation and pattern of my life 7. Look around to the Christian community Belonging to Jesus means belonging to His community 8. Decisions My top priority is serving Christ Relationships I have a duty of care that involves taking the initiative to serve and resolve conflict

Gospel-Centred Life Gospel-Centred Life
Gospel-Centred Life Gospel-Centred Life
Gospel-Centred Life Gospel-Centred Life
Gospel-Centred Life Gospel-Centred Life
Gospel-Centred Life Gospel-Centred Life
Gospel-Centred Life Gospel-Centred Life
Gospel-Centred Life Gospel-Centred Life
Gospel-Centred Life Gospel-Centred Life

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