Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas)

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No government prosecutor participated although certain officials brought some cases to court. Branches of the U. The Moorish Science Temple of America is a sect of the Islamic religion that teaches the uplifting of fallen humanity and the making of better citizens. An African historian's look at the American war with the pasha of Tripoli, based on his doctoral dissertation at the University of London. There is but one issue for them to be recognized by this government and of the earth and it comes only through the connection of the Moorish Divine National Movement, which is incorporated in this government and recognized by all other nations of the world.

The Moorish American National Annual Conference is held every year at a designated location, to address old and new business, our objectives, goals, Departmental annual reports, and their accomplishments over the year, etc. United Races uses Democracy to equalise and stabalise Racism. The population of the tribe when it first came into relations with the French, about the year , was estimated from 15, to 20, For Moorish Americans, there are levels of being-ness.

What is a World Passport? For example, using Asiatic for what ever reason, even legitimate, will turn-off half the people.

Otherwise, his troops would not have gotten paid. A-Z Index of U.

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Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Historical Background. Government Agencies About the U. As for the Treaty of Friendship and Peace between Morocco and America in which was to be an international start of America's separation from the King of Great Britain.

Democracy and the Fall of the West

This site will remove any "gray areas" that you may have had about being Moorish American! We hope you are motivated to read the entire site and learn from its content.

  1. Thats the second time this has happened to me, but it was only 57¢.
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  4. In fact, Morocco was the first government to accept the U. The source for information about City services, departments, programs and initiatives, and officials for Chicago residents, businesses, and visitors. We welcome the long prophesied return of all Moorish Americans, families, Tribes and Nations of the Americas and adjoining islands. Moorish architecture is the articulated Islamic architecture of North Africa and parts of Spain and Portugal , where the Moors were dominant between and National Conference of Black Lawyers This is an an association of lawyers, scholars, judges, legal workers, law students and legal activists whose mission is to serve as the legal arm of the movement for Black Liberation, among other important things.

    Serapis Amen-Ra El. Domestic terrorism—Americans attacking Americans because of U. Allodial Title. Recently, within the jurisdiction of this circuit, Moors adherents have been convicted of creating fictitious money orders and checks that were purportedly authorized by the Department of the Treasury and the Department of. The Moorish sovereign citizen movement is a collection of independent organizations and lone individuals that emerged in the early s as an offshoot of the antigovernment sovereign citizens movement, which believes that individual citizens hold sovereignty over, and are independent of, the authority of federal and state governments.

    We have helped dozens of individuals and families come into the knowledge of their foremothers and forefathers, which brings them back into the constitutional fold of government. If you are making a National Proclamation, it ought be with a Moorish government entity and not a non-government. Moorish America. Moorish American. Persons considering renunciation should also be aware that the fact that they have renounced U. In the modern, multicultural U. The de facto u. The continents of North and South America were "discovered" by the European civilizations in the late 15th century A.

    A list of books dealing with the history of particular Native American Indian tribes. Specifically, the Covenant permits States to draw distinctions between citizens and non-citizens with respect. Coulter was constructed. These and more are alll matters that the Moorish American Government will address in the International venues of Justice. January 15, Moorish-American New Year. By proclaiming our nationality and divine creed we have met the constitutional standards of law of the United States of America, therefore having and enjoying a political status in our Government.

    By the 15th century, many American civilizations had come and gone long before but many were still vast and thriving. Federal District Court. Uplifting fallen humanity worldwide seen and unseen!. A year-old woman claiming diplomatic immunity because of her status as a Moorish American failed to appear at her misdemeanor jury trial Friday morning. Before long, a new Constitution was ratified which provided for an executive, legislative and judicial branch of the government. It has unshackled the coercive power of the state, and will result in the inevitable decline of the West as we know it.

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    Origins and development

    You can go to cart and save for later there. Tell us if something is incorrect. Democracy and the Fall of the West Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Debate was open to all present and decisions in all matters of policy were taken by majority vote in the Ecclesia compare direct democracy , in which all male citizens could participate in some cases with a quorum of The decisions taken in the Ecclesia were executed by the Boule of , which had already approved the agenda for the Ecclesia.

    The Athenian Boule was elected by lot every year [57] and no citizen could serve more than twice. Overall, the Athenian democracy was not only direct in the sense that decisions were made by the assembled people, but also directest in the sense that the people through the assembly, boule, and courts of law controlled the entire political process and a large proportion of citizens were involved constantly in the public business. Within the Athenian democratic environment, many philosophers from all over the Greek world gathered to develop their theories.

    Aristotle — BCE continued the work of his teacher, Plato, and laid the foundations of political philosophy. The political philosophy developed in Athens was, in the words of Peter Hall, "in a form so complete that hardly added anyone of moment to it for over a millennium". For Aristotle, the underlying principles of democracy are reflected in his work Politics :. Both votes took place under manipulation and pressure , but democracy was recovered in less than a year in both cases.

    Reforms following the restoration of democracy after the overthrow of the Thirty Tyrants removed most law-making authority from the Assembly and placed it in randomly selected law-making juries known as "nomothetai". Finally, after the Roman conquest of Greece in BC, Athens was restricted to matters of local administration. However, democracy in Athens declined not only due to external powers, but due to its citizens, such as Plato and his student Aristotle.

    Because of their influential works, after the rediscovery of classics during the Renaissance , Sparta's political stability was praised, [62] [63] [64] while the Periclean democracy was described as a system of rule where either the less well-born, the mob as a collective tyrant , or the poorer classes held power. Even though Rome is classified as a Republic and not a democracy, its history has helped preserve the concept of democracy over the centuries.

    The Romans invented the concept of classics and many works from Ancient Greece were preserved. Rome was a city-state in Italy next to powerful neighbors; Etruscans had built city-states throughout central Italy since the 13th century BCE and in the south were Greek colonies. Similar to other city-states, Rome was ruled by a king elected by the Assemblies. However, social unrest and the pressure of external threats led in BCE the last king to be deposed by a group of aristocrats led by Lucius Junius Brutus.

    The plebs were demanding for definite, written, and secular laws. The patrician priests, who were the recorders and interpreters of the statutes, by keeping their records secret used their monopoly against social change. After a long resistance to the new demands, the Senate in BCE sent a commission of three patricians to Greece to study and report on the legislation of Solon and other lawmakers. This commission, under the supervision of a resolute reactionary, Appius Claudius, transformed the old customary law of Rome into Twelve Tables and submitted them to the Assembly which passed them with some changes and they were displayed in the Forum for all who would and could read.

    The Twelve Tables recognised certain rights and by the 4th century BCE, the plebs were given the right to stand for consulship and other major offices of the state. The political structure as outlined in the Roman constitution resembled a mixed constitution [72] and its constituent parts were comparable to those of the Spartan constitution: two consuls, embodying the monarchic form; the Senate , embodying the aristocratic form; and the people through the assemblies.

    While in the city of Rome, the consuls were the head of the Roman government and they would preside over the Senate and the assemblies. While abroad, each consul would command an army. The Senate passed decrees, which were called senatus consultum and were official advices to a magistrate.

    Craig Smith paperback, Democracy And The Fall Of The West By Tom Miers

    However, in practice, it was difficult for a magistrate to ignore the Senate's advice. Though it technically had no official role in the management of military conflict, the Senate ultimately was the force that oversaw such affairs. Also, it managed Rome's civil administration. The requirements for becoming a senator included having at least , denarii worth of land, being born of the patrician noble aristocrats class, and having held public office at least once before.

    New Senators had to be approved by the sitting members. Despite the obvious power the assemblies had, in practice, the assemblies were the least powerful of the other bodies of government. An assembly was legal only if summoned by a magistrate [74] and it was restricted from any legislative initiative or the ability to debate. And even the candidates for public office as Livy writes "levels were designed so that no one appeared to be excluded from an election and yet all of the clout resided with the leading men". This was not to say that the balance was in every way even: Polybius observes that the superiority of the Roman to the Carthaginian constitution another mixed constitution at the time of the Hannibalic War was an effect of the latter's greater inclination toward democracy than to aristocracy.

    These values were enforced with laws regulating the private life of an individual. The laws were applied in particular to the upper classes, since the upper classes were the source of Roman moral examples.

    Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas) Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas)
    Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas) Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas)
    Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas) Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas)
    Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas) Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas)
    Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas) Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas)
    Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas) Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas)
    Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas) Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas)
    Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas) Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas)
    Democracy and the Fall of the West (Societas)

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