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Their leaders had feathers in their heads. They were given erect posture, well-developed hands and feet, articulate speech; withal, tool-making and tool-handling bipeds two-footed beasts — possessing the essential characteristics to fit them for their position as servants. The Nachash of Genesis is not a snake but a most certainly beautiful being — maybe even with wings according to Egypthian imagery.

The first couple was amazed by its appearance. You assume that the people then did not know satan the againster , what I doubt since the know it was not the Lord God speaking.

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The replacement of God, the nachash, impressed the people then. So even if they did not know the name they know the concept. I also think the note on Daniel is not only inapproriate but als misleading say false — excuse me for the language. Satan is not a personal name but a title. Interesting is that this adversary is never mentionned by any personal name in the bible. And that is logical: whoever wants to use a personal name for a disdained person? Plato taught that it was wrong to attribute evil to the gods, his followers agreed and blame for evil was cast upon the Demons Greek: Daimon.

That is to say, Christianity is a Hellenized from of Judaism, having accepted certain Hellenistic Greek ideas about the source of evil in the world. The angel of light Lucifer, with other angels made war with the angels of God. His sin was pride. He thought he could be God. He is allowed to roam the earth as described in Job. His name was changed to Satan adversary and tempted Jesus in the wilderness.

Revelation describes his end. His existence was before the garden of Eden as he was a Heavenly being. Additionally the assumption that Sumerian and Babylonian civilization preempted Hebrew civilization is not well founded. Thus, God does not allow anything or anyone that has not been first identified and clarified to human beings to exist in the lives of human beings.

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Pero en lo que concuerdan no hablan para llevarse la contraria. La Biblia en lugar de unirlos los deshune el mismo Dios con diferente cara. This is just using common sense. WHY did you go there…. Nothing you have said here is correct. He was in the garden of Eden and it was he who tempted first Eve and when she succumbed to his lies, he used her to tempt Adam. Satan tempts men and women today in the same way he tempted Eve — by the power of suggestion.

The Lord has so created the universe that we may learn spiritual truths by observing nature. Without it we would have no point of reference by which we could understand spiritual things.

Unlike his progeny, Adam and Eve were not born. They came into this world as adults. They were created in the image of God Genesis and were holy. Thus they needed some instruction, which is what Adam was getting prior to Eve being made. The serpent was created in just such a way as to have all the characteristics of the devil…that we may understand what he is like. Serpents are, amongst other things:.

He was once an the anointed cherub responsible for directing worship to God. He was a beautiful angel named Lucifer. Isaiah 12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! He is a fallen angel, he is a spirit:. Ephesians 10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

Adam named the animals in Genesis 2. That includes the serpent.

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How did this come about? God brought the animals to Adam to SEE what he would call them. Why did the Lord want to see what Adam would call the animals? Obviously to those who have the Spirit of the Lord the Lord had been busy instructing Adam. He had been taught certain characteristics about the devil amongst other things and accurately named the serpent based upon those characteristics.

You can see proof of this when Adam was presented with his wife. He accurately named her woman…because she was taken out of man. She shared his nature, his capacity for communion with God, his biological aspects flesh, blood, bone, hair, eyes, etc. Matthew Satan is indeed an independent force of evil as the above scriptures show. Satan is a created being. His evil and his wickedness is his own, just as wicked men are responsible for their evil.

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God did not make him so anymore than he made man to sin against him in the garden of Eden or causes wicked men to sin against Him in these last days. The bible also speaks of him thus:. Ezekiel 12 Son of man, take up a lamentation upon the king of Tyrus, and say unto him, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty. Job was a righteous man in the estimate of God.

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Yet something was lacking. This Job needed to see. There was no snake in the garden, much less a talking one. The reference in revelation could not be clearer to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Satan is now and forever a defeated foe. He knows that his time is short. While there are some good points made in the essay, which I found quite helpful, overall I found this essay rather confusing. In the absence of any clear text to refute it, I think there are clear enough texts linking the serpent of Eden to Satan. It seems obvious to me that our understanding of Satan, as with many people and concepts in the Bible, developed through progressive revelation.

In 2 Corinthians 11 there is a comprehensible link between the serpent who deceived Eve v3 and Satan who masquerades as an angel of light v Along with Revelation , I have no problem accepting that the serpent in the garden of Eden was, in fact, one and the same being as Satan, the devil and chief fallen angel Matt. The fact that he gets enchained for a thousand years to prevent him deceiving the nations Rev. Thank you and may God guide you.

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Just to say am blessed and inspired by this teaching. Am a young preacher of the Gospel, and have always wonder the mission of a serpent, and Jesus even gave us power over serpent, and today the Spirit leaded me here, so, am happy because it will help me a lot. The spiritual death was immediate and the gradual physical death ensued. Repent and believe the Good news! God has provided the Christ, the son of the living God, who both God and Man led a sinless life and willingly offered himself up by dying on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins and then by rising from the dead He purchased a place in heaven for those who repent of their sins and trust in Him.

This truth is plain throughout the Old Testament, which is the New Testament concealed, and the New Tesrament, which is the Old Testament Revealed, that the Love story explained above was planned from the very beggining of creation. There is in fact no Devil properly identified anywhere in the Bible because, while there are various demons, there is no singular demon that rules over them in Jewish tradition.

Becoming Eden Becoming Eden
Becoming Eden Becoming Eden
Becoming Eden Becoming Eden
Becoming Eden Becoming Eden
Becoming Eden Becoming Eden
Becoming Eden Becoming Eden
Becoming Eden Becoming Eden
Becoming Eden Becoming Eden

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